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Published books by my students

A lot of them are down there in the picture..


My students include Janis Newman, author of The Russian Word for Snow and the widely reviewed novel on Mary Todd Lincoln called Mary; Lolly Winston, author of Good Grief and other novels; Robin Wolaner, founder of Parenting Magazine and author of Naked in the Boardroom; and Jacqueline Winspear, author of the bestselling Maisie Dobbs series. Published books by my students also include Tumbling After by Susan Parker; The Water Dancer by Terry Gamble; Now Breathe, by Claudia Sternbach; Babycatcher by Peggy Vincent;

A lot of my memoir students have published their memoirs already. At the start of a workshop, Sunshine Mugrabi was searching for something to write a memoir about. Being the daughter of hippies? Kind of been done. What should she write about? She asked her boyfriend, but he was no help, being too distracted by the latter stages of becoming a man…We slapped her upside the head, and now you can order her funny, mind-blowing book, “When My Boyfriend Was a Girl: A Memoir.” My students also include Jackie Winspear, author of the best-selling Maisie Dobbs’ series; Janis Newman, author of “The Russian Word for Snow” and a forthcoming novel; Lolly Winston, author of “Good Grief”;  Robin Wolaner, founder of Parenting Magazine and author of “Naked in the Boardroom” ; Terry Gamble, author of several novels including “The Water Dancers”;  Susan Parker, who wrote columns for the Chron and came out with “Tumbling After,”  Peggy Vincent, author of “Babycatcher,: David Gottfried, author of “Greed to Green,” and James Frey, whom I told not to worry about making stuff  up, (including himself)  no one would notice. (Ok, made up that one). JT Leroy may have taken my class, who knows?



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  1. Hello Adair, Congrads on your new book. Studying with you in the mid-90’s got me writing. Some of my clips are on my website My first novel, Panpipes for Peace, will be published soon.

    From Bolivia,
    Lynette Yetter

  2. Mara Feeney says:

    Hi Adair. I got my first novel into print this year, and it is getting rave reviews on Amazon, as well as an endorsement from Farley Mowat, which tickles me to no end. The title is “Rankin Inlet: A Novel” – ISBN 978-0-9819319-5-1 Now available from Gaby Press. There is a one-minute book trailer about the novel posted on YouTube at:

    Cheers, Mara

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