Praise From Students

Mary Richardson <> Sat, Sep 23, 2017 at 3:53 PM
Hi Adair,

I’m reading Naked, Drunk and Writing on my Kindle and am in awe of the information!  It’s taking me a long time to read because it seems as if every time I read a line, I write myself a note longer than the line and at the rate I’m going, my notes will be longer than your book!
I’d like to get some information on your workshops as well as book consulting.  I’m a rookie writer and I think I have a pretty good story to tell but I don’t have a clue if my writing is any good.  I’ve done little bits and pieces along the way and have found it to be very therapeutic as I was going through some tough times. My book is a humorous and somewhat irreverent look at dealing with adversity.
On Adair's writing...

I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed and found valuable your recent article in Writers Digest “Find an Angle to Bring Your Subject to Life.” I write editorials for the local newspaper plus I manage people who write for businesses. I’ve often suggested that people “try to find an angle” to set the story apart and make it interesting, but I’ve struggled to go beyond those words with meaningful examples. I’m now routing my copy of the magazine among my team.

– Gordon MacKinney

Recently, I read an insightful article titled, “The Key Elements of Writing a Good Memoir” by author Adair Lara. The author’s approach to creating a narrative arc simmers in my mind as I seek to craft my memoir: The first step in drawing an arc is to answer this question: What did you (as the narrator/protagonist) want in the story you’re telling?

– Claudine Wolk

On Adair's teaching...

Adair Lara is the best writing teacher imaginable.  She has the talent to inspire me to write.  Her ingenious systems provide discipline and motivation.    She has the most amazing ability to listen to a piece of writing and respond with incredibly helpful suggestions, usually provoking the writer to run home and begin to revise, although she  is tough enough to tell writers when they are on the wrong track.  Her workshops are enjoyable, fueled by her  sly and understated humor.   She pokes and prods us to see what good writing is, and sometimes we even manage to produce some.  A great workshop!

– Ann Cromey

Adair Lara was instrumental in putting me on a serious track as a writer. Without her course I would have continued to dabble, wallow, and otherwise produce unpublishable work (although I thought those stories were just dandy). She is a wonderful teacher and mentor.

– Kat Brennan

You know, when you’re asked, “what days in your life would you live over again?” This workshop is magical. Do you even know how wonderful you are? Your insights into all the pieces that we heard were fantastic. Every single thing you saw and then led us all into seeing…perfect. Each one nourished the story–you are a marvel. I was happy all the way home, thinking about how your class has enriched my life. Blessings upon your lovely red head!

– Barbara Cressman

I don’t know where to start. In a nutshell everything worked in the class. In fact the only shortfall is that I wanted more of it.

– John Brooks (The Girl Behind the Door, coming out from Scribner)

“Find a teacher you like and take EVERYTHING they teach.” You would be her. You got me writing. You and class assignments got me sitting down to “the place where writing can occur” almost every day and it’s fucking beautiful and I thank you. Don’t know if you saw my article on the cover of the Father’s Day Sunday Chronicle. I am very grateful to you for helping me find my writing voice.

– Josh Coleman

On Adair's Consulting...