Signing up for a workshop

I used to teach workshops several times a year, now doing the occasional smaller more intime writing groups. . Email me at adair. if interested. I’ll paste in a typical workshop announcement:







Saturdays January 9 to April 9 11-3 pm

This workout, I mean workshop, is mainly for those at work on a full-length book, either a memoir or a novel, but we will also talk about essay, so you’re welcome if you’re working on those. By the end of the workshop, you will have made considerable progress, in establishing the voice for your book, the sequence of events (arc), and piling up good pages.

Please se my website,, for testimonials for the workshops.


12  Saturdays 11:00am – 3:00pm from January 9 to April 9, with one Saturday off tbd


my house in San Francisco at  95 Scott Street.

How much:


I’ll need a $100 nonrefundable deposit to hold your place, the rest payable before or at the first meeting unless otherwise arranged.


Twelve writers.   if you’re new to the workshop I’ll need a sample of your writing and a brief description of your goals.


There’s an awful lot of laughing in this workshop, but it’s tough!  Your talented classmates and I will tell you what we love in your writing and what we want you to redo and what we want you to take out to the back yard and bury.


You hand in two  pieces to me, up to 7,000 words each, anything you want me to read for you, on dates you choose. You email them, and I return them to you the same way, with comments. If I don’t return your piece within a few days at most, remind me in case it got lost on email or under a stack of papers. (I like being reminded.)  (No I will not help you track when your pieces are due to me.) The yellow highlighting means I particularly liked what is highlighted.




In addition to the Saturday  readings, you will swap  writing with one another on email in response to and prompts and the  

short (ish) weekly assignments that arrive in the Weekly Report, an update I email you a day or two after every meeting.



The Big Reads:  You read aloud longish excerpts in the workshop on a rotating schedule shown on the READING MAP, which you’ll have a copy of, so you will know roughly when you’re up (every other week, usually). If you’re absent when it’s your turn, you can read the following week (remind me).

The Little Reads:  Those not scheduled for Big Reads bring the first page of something—a new scene, a chapter, whatever—to every class meeting, with copies for everybody. I shoot for everybody to read something every Saturday, though in practice it doesn’t always work out that way.


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