Praise for the column


In the morning, when the kids have slammed the back door for the last time, I sit at my kitchen table in Fresno elated to find your column. I smiled through your column on wanting other people’s babies– could almost catch the scent of baby powder on the air.”

Wendy Taylor Carroll

I’ve realized that what Adair is doing in her columns is simply reminding people of what they already know but have temporarily forgotten while their minds were focused elsewhere. Generally, we only perceive the greater wisdom in flashes, “Now I’ve got it!” When we do, we see how everything is connected, and the world seems utterly beautiful just as it is, perfect in its wonder and logical in its mysteries. But eventually the perspective fades and once again we are caught up in ordinary reality. So we need people like Adair Lara and Jon Carroll, who make it their business to live like the rest of us, while

Shelley Diamond

As far as I’m concerned, Adair Lara’s assignment is to help us all remember the best reasons why we’re here.

Tom DeFiglio

Adair Lara’s essay on the last five minutes at Omagh is one of the most affecting pieces I have read since Hemingway and that bridge. There is not a word wasted, not an emotion overplayed. It literally took my breath away at the last line.

James L. Murphy, University of California, Davis

Anyone who can help to push us along, knock us over and make us LOOK at each other needs to be thanked, in my book.

Adair Lara is simply among the first rank of columnists in the world.

Sabrina Porterfield

Margaret Howland


When Erma Bombeck died my heart sank because I thought she was the only writer in America who genuninely understood the American woman/wife/mother/daughter/sister/aunt/cousin/girlfriend/neineighbor lady–and then I found Adair Lara. My heart is lifted. I’m taking this book with me to dinner tonight to meet with my five favorite girlfriends and chat about all you wrote.


Sometimes you are so open I blush but I can’t get enough.

What a way to start my day. A cup of home brewed coffee and Adair Lara.

Jane Rogers

Robert Altman


I should be in bed, but I can’t stop reading these columns. I am only 18. I think I have found the right

guy for me: he’s 18 and he loves Adair Lara!

Divinity sometimes uses one of us to speak directly to the rest of us,

Amy Miller

James Caroompas


My mom and I have a morning ritual. On mornings when Adair Lara’s column is in the paper I can count on it being tenderly cut out and placed on the kitchen table. This is the last thing my mom does in her hurry to get out the door to work.

Stephanie Peterson

To know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived: this is to have succeeded. I don’t know Adair, but I know these lines apply.

Thank you for observing and conveying what connects us as people rather than dwelling on what divides us.


An oasis in a sea of gibberish.

Adair Lara’s columns make me think that ordinary life has a lot of meaning in it.

Diane DeLonzor

Linda Kerby

Myra Canizares



Everytime I read Adair Lara, I feel like drawing something.

Ann Kleutsch Patton


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