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How I accidentally left voice out of my own childhood memoir

A memoir depends 100% on voice—Mary karr I was at a writer’s conference when an agent on a  panel grew exasperated and yelled to the crowd of aspiring memoir writers: “Voice! Voice! Anything else you can fix!” What is voice … Continue reading

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Signing up for a workshop–Nothing Right Now

I used to teach workshops several times a year, now doing the occasional smaller more intime writing groups. . Email me at adair. if interested. I’ll paste in a typical workshop announcement:         THE winter  2016 … Continue reading

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Praise for the column

  In the morning, when the kids have slammed the back door for the last time, I sit at my kitchen table in Fresno elated to find your column. I smiled through your column on wanting other people’s babies– could … Continue reading

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Praise for Naked, Drunk and Writing

Praise for Naked, Drunk and Writing Hello Adair, Recently I found your article on Writer’s Digest,  “Key Elements of Writing a Good Memoir” and it has literally changed my writing life overnight.  I have been struggling to write memoir off … Continue reading

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Students write funny things about the workshop

The Ruin of a Writer It’s Saturday afternoon and I sit at my computer, pounding away at a fragmentary ideaWHAT IDEA? that just might blossom into an essay or a story. I am oblivious to the bright sunshine that has … Continue reading

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Adair Lara pieces in Anthologies

Anthologies (a sampling) Over the Hill and Between the Sheets Springboard (2007) The Secret Lives of Lawfully Wedding Wives Inner Ocean (2006) Too Young to Be This Damn Old by Inc. Sourcebooks (Paperback – Mar 1, 2006) The Thong Also … Continue reading

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Nailing the Personal Essay

Telling a Story For all its charm and sometimes apparent aimlessness, an essay has a skeleton, an underlying structure that makes it work. Often it’s the age-old structure of a story. By “story” I don’t mean “something that happened,” but … Continue reading

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Essay and Memoir: write about what changed you

Essay and Memoir Change Is It About You? What if Mom Reads It? The Hot Heart and the Cold Eye The word “essay” may remind you of what Mrs. Bernardicou with the baggy arms made you write back in high … Continue reading

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Adair Lara Humor Columns On Being a Grandparent

Adair Lara Articles – Columns |

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Some favorite Adair Lara columns from the San Francisco Chronicle

ust go to the search box at and put in “Adair Lara” and then any title or date or phrase you wish to search for. I JUST REALIZED THAT while children are dogs, loyal and affectionate, teenagers are cats. … Continue reading

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