Adair Lara

I’m a writer, born in San Francisco, raised in Marin, came back as soon as I could. I also teach writing, and am working on a second writing book, about voice, called Make Your Memoir Suck Less. Last one was called Naked, Drunk, and Writing, but could also have been called Turning Your Worst Moments into Money.

I teach memoir workshops in my attic several times a yearYou can go to Praise From Students to see what past workshoppers say about them and to Workshop for upcoming dates of workshops.

I also consult with memoir authors one-on-one at my kitchen table –or in the living room, as whoever’s cooking keeps throwing us out of the kitchen.

Attempting to update this site lately –I think the last time I looked at it, aside from just slapping up announcements of new workshops –was in about 2005.

Here’s the nice blurb I wrote about myself then, most of it still true:

Adair Lara is a writer, teacher and author in San Francisco.  A former magazine editor, she wrote a popular, award-winning personal column for the San Francisco Chronicle for 16 years before leaving the paper to write and teach full time. Her most recent book, which has become a cult favorite in the writing blogsphere, is Naked, Drunk and Writing: Shed Your Inhibitions and Craft a Compelling Memoir or Personal Essays (Ten Speed). She holds sold-out workshops in her house on writing essay and memoir and other forms of autobiography, and consults with authors individually, in person or long-distance. Her essays appear in many national magazines, and have been anthologized in dozens of textbooks.



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